Selected Press

[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT researchers create X-ray vision to protect the elderly Washington Post
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT Device Can Detect People Through Walls NBC
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT device can sense silhouettes through walls CNBC
[Octobor 28, 2015] How wireless 'X-ray vision' could power virtual reality, smart homes, and Hollywood MIT News
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT prof to bring 'X-ray vision' device to market Boston Globe
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT invents 'X-ray vision' technology that can detect a human through a wall using radio signals International Business Times, UK
[Octobor 28, 2015] Forget X-rays, now you can see through walls using WI-FI Daily Mail
[Octobor 28, 2015] 'X-ray vision' device uses Wi-Fi reflections to see through walls Popular Science
[Octobor 28, 2015] Wifi Networks Can Now Identify Who You Are Through Walls Gizmodo
[Octobor 28, 2015] Researchers Use Wi-Fi To See You Through Walls Popular Mechanics
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT researchers used Wi-Fi to recognize people through walls The Verge
[Octobor 28, 2015] Makers of Device That Can 'See' Through Walls Are Worried About Who Will Use It Motherboard - Vice
[Octobor 28, 2015] We're getting kick-ass at seeing through walls using just Wi-Fi - MIT The Register
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT uses wireless signals to identify people through walls Ars Technica
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT scientists can see through walls and identify people with new wireless device BGR
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT Reseachers used Wi-Fi to recognize people through walls Human Plus
[Octobor 28, 2015] Researchers at CSAIL MIT have developed a device that can capture a human figure through walls Research at Google
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT Researchers Use Wi-Fi Signals To Capture Human Figure Through Walls Crazy Engineers
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT uses Wi-Fi to look through walls Network World
[Octobor 28, 2015] Wi-Fi Signals Can Now Track And I.D. You, Even Through Walls Tech Times
[Octobor 28, 2015] Identifying people through walls with MIT's RF-Capture device Junior College
[Octobor 28, 2015] (CSAIL) Researchers Discovered MIT Device 'RF Capture' TV Newsroom
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT develops wireless technology to identify people behind walls International Business Times, India
[Octobor 28, 2015] Wi-Fi signals can identify you through walls and even track your movements ScienceAlert
[Octobor 28, 2015] Sorry Superman, We Have Our Own X-Ray Vision Now MTV News
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT CSAIL Team Brings Us Closer to an X-Ray Vision Reality BostInno
[Octobor 28, 2015] One Step Closer to 'X-Ray Vision'
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT Develops Device That Can See People Through Walls MyTechBits
[Octobor 28, 2015] Real-Life X-Ray Vision Allows You to See Through Walls Using Wifi Outer Places
[Octobor 28, 2015] You can see through walls with MIT's latest device Daily News & Analysis
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT researchers develop software that identifies people through walls via WiFi Slash Gear
[Octobor 28, 2015] MIT Researchers Create Wireless X-ray Vision Wireless Goodness
[Octobor 28, 2015] Wi-Fi Can ID People Through Walls CCM
[Octobor 28, 2015] How wireless 'X-ray vision' could power virtual reality, smart homes, and Hollywood
[Octobor 29, 2015] Researchers can now see through walls using WiFi Business Insider
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT Scientists Create Wireless Device That Allows Us To See Through Walls Huffington Post
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT researchers have developed a device that can identify people through walls Quartz
[Octobor 29, 2015] New wireless technology can see people through walls RT
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT researchers develop technology that can see through walls using WiFi TechSpot
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT researchers use Wi-Fi to watch people through walls GCR
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT Unveils Technology That Can Recognize People Through Walls Using Wi-Fi HNGN
[Octobor 29, 2015] Could this new Wi-Fi technology revolutionize airport security? Road Warrior Voices
[Octobor 29, 2015] Using RF to see through walls Hackaday
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT develops WiFi with X-ray vision, can see a human through walls Geek
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT invents X-ray vision to see humans behind wall using WiFi I4U News
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT Researchers Use WiFi To Recognize People Behind Walls Ubergizmo
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT researchers use Wi-Fi to track silhouettes through walls Fierce Wireless
[Octobor 29, 2015] I Spy With My Little Wi-Fi: MIT Researchers Use Tech to Peer Through Walls Sputnik International
[Octobor 29, 2015] Seeing through walls using wireless signals MyBroadBand
[Octobor 29, 2015] MIT Scientists: Now You Can See Through Walls with Wi-Fi The Hacker News
[Octobor 30, 2015] Researchers use Wi-Fi to see gestures, identify individuals through walls Naked Security
[Octobor 30, 2015] MIT's new tech turns Wi-Fi signals into X-ray vision Daily Dot
[Octobor 30, 2015] How wireless x-ray vision could power virtual reality R&D Magazine
[Octobor 30, 2015] Bond tech: Now see through walls with wireless signals Hindustan Times
[Octobor 30, 2015] MIT's RF-Capture helps identify people through walls The Star
[Octobor 30, 2015] Wireless X-Ray Vision Tech Tracks People Through Walls EE Times
[November 1, 2015] MIT researchers create device that can recognize, track people through walls NY Daily News
[November 2, 2015] How can you see through solid walls? BBC
[November 2, 2015] Wi-Fi Sees Humans Behind Walls Discovery News
[November 2, 2015] Wi-Fi signals track and distinguish people through walls Gizmag
[November 9, 2015] Walls Are Now Meaningless: This Technology Can See Right Through Them Fast Company
[December 9, 2015] MIT researchers turn Wi-Fi into "x-ray vision" technology CBS